Sunday, May 23, 2010


  • croweded platforms -
  • Indian railway has it's  vast network. It is the largest public transportation & carriage system in the country. perhaps it is also the cheapest public transport network; because our constitution provides the concept of a welfare state; hence it runs with NO PROFIT NO LOSS.
    This reason enables the  people to travel by the trains; in respect of any other transport system. The another markable reason is that , in long journey,  it is more comfertable than the roads.   .    So our trains, platforms & as wel as the railway  permises are always over crowded. SEVERAL TIMEs DUE TO SOME TECHNICAL PROBLEMs or LATE RUNNING OF  THE SHEDULELD TRAINs; railway authorities have to change the shaduled platform of a perticular train, at the last moment. It causes a great reshuffling and hurry to the passengers of  that train. In these circumstances Elders, children & ladies suffer more . It also causes the incidents of thefts, lootings, injuries, other kind of mishappenings and even deaths.
    The railway authorities, passanngers and the pubslic should try to stop these incidents -
    1 - The railway authorities, should ensure that; no platform should be changed at the last moment. The announcements should be clear.

    2 - Passengers should keep patience and be aware of the announcements. They should travel light.
    3 - public should be sinceare about the crowds and mishappenings. They should avoid themselves from unneccessory crowds in the railway platforms & permises.
    ASHOK, apnykhunja; Hanumangarh Junction on 22.05.2010 Satureday 18.21 IST

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राजेश चड्ढ़ा said...

अशोक जी...नमस्कार... अपने ब्लौग को बहुत खूबसूरत रन्ग दिया है आपने.’ रेल्वे स्टेशन ’ की आज जो स्थिती है उसे यथार्थ में रूपायित कर दिया.बहुत अच्छा है.